Throwback Thursday, Anyone?

Well, I am back home from my relaxing vacation on the beach. Enter sad face here. And to welcome me back, it has rained every single day since. This would bother some people, but most readers I know love the rain. It gives us an unneeded excuse to stay in, brew some tea/coffee, and cuddle up with our latest book, amiright? (Side note: my dictionary is absolutely hating the “amiright” so I am going to leave it just to spite the machine, so there).
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A Brief Beach Break

Happy Wednesday, readers! The original plan was to bring you an author review this week while I soak up the sun and surf in here in Dauphin Island. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
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Disney Princesses Go PG-13

I’m going to review both of Liz Braswell’s Twisted Tales books in this post. They are Disney Press books which appears to have a couple caveats that they adhere to. The names of the recognizable characters seem to all stay the same, and it appears that the book itself needs to clearly based off of the Disney movie of the same title more than any other inspiration. I have read quite a few books released by Disney Press, four very recently, that have all been some sort of twist on the fairytale presented by Disney, but the world they take place in is very familiar and the outcome of the story is pretty close to the movie as well.

Braswell does a very good job of sticking to these two themes as loosely as possible and that works in her favor. I openly admit to being a huge fan of Disney and I love these books. I enjoy the liberties that Braswell took and I appreciate the adult themes she mixed in. That said, let’s get started!

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My 2016 Reading Challenge and also Holy Awesome Readers, Batman!


Well, I don’t even know what to say. Somehow 20 people who really like what I have to say about books grew to over 200. If that’s not a pressure monster breathing its hot wet breath down my neck, I don’t know what is! In all seriousness, thank you all! I’m really looking forward to chatting with you about books and stories and characters!

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I’m just a girl made up from the stories I read

I have a pretty great ability to remember almost every book I’ve read enough to synopsis it if I hear the title of it or see the cover. It’s a talent that is mostly useless in the world that we live in as I will never be able to make money off of that, but it’s useful for the occasions of “What Should I read next?” questions that get thrown my way more often than not. I don’t want to brag or anything, but I’m pretty well-known among my friends and family as the girl to go to for book suggestions. All 20 people who like me really trust my judgement.

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As the old cliche goes, Once Upon a Time…

She read books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.

Annie Dillard

I am the child of a librarian and social studies teacher, so my destiny was always to love books. My earliest memories as a child are of my parents reading to us, and of writing my own short stories. This probably sounds like the beginning of a brilliant young author’s success story, so let me go ahead and spoil the ending: I’m not nearly that interesting. I am the oldest daughter, with three sisters and a brother. We were little heathens. I’m not really sure how our parents survived to see us all grown. My poor brother ended up in a dress and makeup more often than any little boy should against his will, and I once convinced my youngest sister that sheets definitely make good parachutes and that she should jump off our second story balcony. We were *those* kids growing up.

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