We’ll Make a Wish and Do as Dreamers Do

Happy First Official Week of Summer! Sorry that I kind of disappeared off the radar last week. I was in the middle of reading a book for our sister blog dual review and had some serious writer’s block. And then there’s the fact that I was just feeling anti-social, as I tend to do when I feel like I’ve had too much social interaction lately. I told you I’d always be genuine, even when that can reveal sides of me that I don’t necessarily like. But moving on! Let’s talk about wishes.

More specifically, the Wishes series by G.J. Walker Smith. According to my Goodreads profile, I read this series in November. This isn’t actually true. I read it last summer and added it to my goodreads in November. Another good reason for me to keep up with the books I read when I read them, not months later.

I’m reminiscing about this series as we enter another summer season because they’re pretty much summer reading staples- they’re pretty short, they’re easy reads, and the first one at least takes place in a warm period. I can’t remember if it’s summer or spring or their winter. The books are set in Tasmania and I have a rudimentary understanding of their weather versus our weather, but from what I do understand, it’s similar if not identical to Australian weather. There are six books in the series and two novellas. I’ve read all but the last book and honestly didn’t know of its existence until grabbing details for this post.

Saving Wishes, the first in the series, is about Charli Blake. Due to an ill thought out night a year ago, she has been labeled a troublemaker and her reputation is shattered. She is stuck in the tiny little town of Piper’s Cove where she has grown up under her older brother’s wing for the past seventeen years. All she has to do is lay low for the last few months of high school, which is easier said than done thanks to a trio of mean girls known as The Beautifuls. Then Adam Decarie blows into town, all charm and New York City sophistication and starts a domino effect of events in her life that makes her both question her life and realize why she doesn’t fit the life she is living.

I mean, just the summary of this book screams summer read for me. In fact, I actually want to own these books so that I can read them again now while it’s Satan’s armpit around here. That said, the series does have some pretty good twists and “feeeels” moments and I lucky to have discovered them after all but the last book came out. I read them on Oyster which sadly no longer exists, but I did see that on kindle ebooks, Saving wishes is currently free right now, which I would take advantage of if you have even the slightest interest in reading this.

Since summer only really officially started yesterday, I can say that the only thing I’ve read is off of my reading challenge, but I plan to take some walks down memory lane with the Doon series, which fuels my wanderlust and also re-motivates me to finish the fifth Outlander book, which I’m currently stuck on due to lack of interest. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great but as my friend Alicia said “each day in the book seems to take 37 chapters.” That’s making it hard for me to want to push through to the end.


How about you guys? What’s on your summer reading list or bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Reading!





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