An Unholy Obsession: A Book review of Made For You

Hey guys! Sorry this post is so late this time, it’s been a doozy of a week. We found out the gender of our sweet little Squish (she’s a girl!) and I’ve kind of hit crazy cleaning mode in my house because it’s really too hot to survive outside right now. I’ve also been reading like crazy and I have a little bit of a different book for you this week.

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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: Book vs Movie

I have a love/hate relationship with movie adaptations of books I love. I tend to be an eternal optimist with the people and things I love in my life and movies are no different. There has never been a time when I groan over the idea that a book I have enjoyed is becoming a movie but there have been plenty of times when I’ve actually yelled at my television or at the movie screen (usually a silent scream if I’m in public) at the horrible mess they made of my beloved book. Most significant example to date: Ella Enchanted. I really feel like this is a movie I could have greatly enjoyed if hadn’t been given the same title at my most loved book of all time. The horrors that movie wrought though…*shudders*

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The Ghost Bride

We went to the cemetery on Qing Ming, the festival of the dead, to sweep the graves, honor our ancestors, and offer food and incense. The graves were made like small houses or very large armchairs, with wings on either side to encompass a central tablet and a small altar. The paths up the hills were overgrown with weeds and lalang, the sharp elephant grass that cuts you if you ran your finger along it. All around were abandoned graves that people had forgotten or which had no more descendants to care for them. The thought of having to pay my respects as the widow to a stranger made me shudder. And what exactly did marrying a ghost entail? My father had treated it as a joke. Amah had not wanted to say-she was so superstitious that naming something was as good as making it come true. As for myself, I could only hope that I would never need to know.

The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo

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