Baby bumps, Kamala Khan, and Lady Kestrel, oh my!

I’ve been pretty busy here in my little corner of the world! We are fast approaching our trip to Ireland (32 days!), it’s 100 days until my sweet girl is “due” to make her appearance, my son starts his pre-pre-k learning here at home on Monday, and I spent last weekend with my best friend Deloris and with my sister, The Perspicacious Bookworm! I feel like it’s been go go go for the past two weeks!



24 weeks and 21 weeks along!

Very first, here is Rachel and I (I’m the short one on the left, haha) in our all cute bump glory! Last Friday, my little Bean (son) and I spent the day with her and her family, swimming, visiting the local library, having dinner and playing board games. They live just over three hours away. She introduced us to Bug in the Kitchen, which is a very cute kid’s strategy game and then also Dixit, which is a beautiful card game with creative guesswork and amazing imagery. I highly recommend both! We are getting Bean and Squish (baby girl) Bug in the Kitchen for Christmas this year and I’m adding Dixit to our “to buy” list for our own personal game collection.

What I am currently reading or just finished reading:

I am in the middle of two different series right now, the Ms. Marvel comic series and The Winner’s Trilogy. Both are great and slightly addictive. I’ve turned out my bedside lamp later and later all week and even made an early morning library run yesterday to pick up my hold the second in the Winner’s series. I just finished Flawed by Cecelia Ahern and I plan to review it in the coming weeks. Possibly while I’m in Ireland as Ms Ahern is a native of that beautiful country. This was an interesting twist as she is an adult fiction author I really enjoy (I’ve read P.S. I love you and Love, Rosie) but this is her first YA book. But now back to what I’m currently reading:

Ms MarvelIn the Ms Marvel comics, Kamala Khan is your average nerdy Pakistani American teenager living in New Jersey, writing fan fiction about her favorite heroes, The Avengers, Wolverine, and especially Captain Marvel. The Marvel series Captain Marvel Carol Danvers, not to be confused with the DC comics Captain Marvel, better known as Shazam. Yes, I realize how crazy nerdy I just made myself sound. I’m really just that nerdy in real life. She dreams about being beautiful and strong and making a difference but doesn’t see how she could ever do so being herself. After sneaking out to a party one night, she is overtaken by a mystical fog caused by a terrigen bomb that awakens powers laying dormant in her. Kamala can now poly-morph into almost anything she imagines and decides to use her new powers to do good in her city, takes on Captain Marvel’s retired name, Ms Marvel, and proceeds to shatter any preconceived notions that you have to look or be a certain way to totally kick butt. The comics are all about her learning to balance her new secret with school, friends, boys, and her strict parents. She is about a thousand types of amazing, awkward, and nerdy. This is the comic that would have made a huge difference in my life as a young teen trying to navigate puberty and learning that’s it okay to not look like America’s standard of beauty or adhere to their standard of cool. I’m currently checking these out from the library but I will be owning them for my own sake and for my little Squish’s sake. I’m so glad that she will get to grow up in an age where girls and women are realizing just how amazing we are and starting to stand up for what we believe in. I’m currently on comics 12-15 of 19.

The Winner's CurseSeventeen year old Kestrel has grown up in an empire that values war and conquering over all else. As the general’s daughter, she has been given two options: she can join the military or she can get married. Neither option suits the teen, who would rather follow her heart and make music publicly. Music has long been considered a slave duty, and so she plays in secret at night to save herself from being caught. She is startled to find a kindred spirit in a slave up for auction. Arin is advertised as having a voice of gold and the obstinate look in his eyes prompts her to buy him. Feeling shamed for having done so, she avoids him at first but then finds she can’t pull herself away from his plain way of speaking the truth about the world he sees around him and she quickly has to learn to hide her growing feelings for him to save them both. But Arin also has a secret and Kestrel learns that the price she paid for another human being is much higher than she could have ever imagined. I was drawn to this book by the rich imagery just the inside flap provides of this world where an artist lives in an empire obsessed with conquering and that her love of the arts is a thing to be despised. It’s not necessarily a new concept by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like Marie Rutkoski does a good job of making the storyline seem fresh. I also appreciates that the book itself has a really good balance of intrigue to romance. It does set itself up to be primarily a love story, but I feel like that ended up being more of an interesting subplot to a bigger revolution taking place within the book. I’m currently on the second one and I’m still very interested but a little dismayed that the second one does seem to rely on the romance plot more than the social uprising that the first covered so well. Then again, I’m not very far in yet because I just started it last night so it has plenty of time to redeem itself.

The other books I currently have check out from the library are:

a curse as dark as gold


A Curse Dark as Gold by Elizabeth Bunce. This book was recommended to me by my sister, Rachel, who understands my love of all things fairytale. She actually reviewed this book here.





across the universeAcross the Universe by Beth Revis. The tagline for this book is  “A love out of time. A spaceship built of secrets and murder.” The second line of that instantly takes my heart to Firefly, the TV series that ended too soon. (Insert crying emoji here) I bought this book as a gift for Rachel a few years ago, but then forgot to ever pursue it myself and it’s sat on my “to read” list ever since. When it caught my eye at the library, I snatched it up.




And then I accidentally grabbed Dissonance  dissonancethinking it was the second book I was looking for in a series, but it’s actually the first which I already own. This is what happens when the cover art is different on a hardcover vs a paperback. I bought the paperback on sale last spring and I have this weird thing where I have to either own paperback of a series or all hardcover. It bothers me otherwise. I’ve been waiting for the second, Resonance, to hit paperback ever since and in my excitement, mistook the hardcover of Dissonance as the second book. Yes, I do feel dumb. However, it is a good book to read about parallel worlds and, essentially, the butterfly effect. Every decision you make in your life branches off a parallel world where you made a different choice with different outcomes. Walkers can navigate between these realities and train their whole lives to manage them and keep the universe in harmony. Del has done so, but a stray event gets her wrapped up in the lives of the echoes of her longtime crush and she feels herself being pulled into a world of secrets and conspiracies and the truth that the Council of Walkers doesn’t want uncovered. A secret that could shake the entire multiverse. It’s a really great book, and now I’m going to need to reserve the second at the library.

So that’s where I am, reading wise. How about you guys? Read anything spectacular lately? Any suggestions? Shoot me a comment below!

Happy Reading!





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