Ballad of the Beanstalk cover reveal! And February’s reading challenge pick

It’s becoming quite clear that I won’t get my January books in at the library before the month is up in 4 days. Sooo my new plan is to have both my January books and my February book read by the end of February. Speaking of my February choice, let’s dive in to my choice!

My February choice is To Catch a Killer by Sheryl Scarborough. She isn’t technically a completely debut author, she has written various articles and some kid’s books, but she is a debut author to YA and with the stiff competition in YA lately, that’s quite a feat! Again, it’s a book that’s a bit of my normal wheelhouse, but I’m finding that I am enjoying these excursions into new genres!

In other exciting news…

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My birthday book wish list, what my kids are reading, and my current read

I realize that’s a very long title for a blog post, but my sleep deprived mommy brain is failing me and I can’t think of anything wittier or shorter. Try back in a year or so.

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