I am still alive (otherwise titled “a sleep deprived mother of two struggles to get back on track”)

Hey! I’m really here! Sorry about the radio silence on my end. It is now 10 pm on Tuesday the 21st of February and I have finally found time to check in with you. To do so, I had to read three books to Bean (as per the usual), and then nurse Squish 4 times and pat her back to sleep for 30 minutes. She has a tooth! But the teething process has been brutal. There has been a lot of frazzled days and endless nights here in the development of this tooth.

BUT ABOUT BOOKS. Let’s talk about them.

As far as my reading challenge goes, it’s a no go so far. As shown in the screenshot from my phone just a few minutes ago, I am still waiting on both my January and my February choices. I’ll come back next week with March’s choice, and I may just buy it. We’ll see.


But I have been reading! A lot actually. Apparently endless nights with a teething two to three-month old (ONLY. THREE. FREAKING. MONTHS. OLD. and she has a tooth) has its upsides. Let’s take a quick peek at what I’ve read:

I KNOW! Six books!! I haven’t gotten six books read in a month in almost a year!

The Thousandth Floor was really good, but not life altering. I’d recommend it for a light read that requires little inner reflection. I’m glad to have it a part of my personal library, though, and can’t wait to read the next one.

Perfect Ruin was also very enjoyable. I loved DeStefano’s series, The Chemical Gardens, and this book also takes place in the future. It’s good and I have the others on my list to grab next I have a book budget. I just spent my previous book budget on my kids during an Usborne Party. I love Usborne and can never resist.

Ballad of the Beanstalk was my ARC sent by the author, Amy McNulty, and it was pretty great! It didn’t end the way I was expecting it to, but that was just fine because now that I know the ending, I can’t see it happening any other way. I plan to have my review posted on the blog next Wednesday so be on the lookout for that.

Tear You Apart has been on my mental “to read” list forever. I own the first book in the series, Kill You Softly, and loved it. These are a light demented YA version of fairytales. Is “light demented” a thing? If not, it is now. Read these. If you like kind of screwy fairytale retellings, you’ll enjoy these.

Heartless is from the author that brought us The Lunar Chronicles (I can’t recommend them enough! Go read them!) and one that I snatched up with Christmas money. It’s no surprise to regular readers that I am a fairytale retelling fanatic, and this retelling/prequel to Alice in Wonderland is worth its weight in gold and was a fantastic read for February, the month of loooove.

Crimson Bound– I’m still reading this one. I’d say I’m about 5/8ths of the way through. It’s good. It’s a red riding hood retelling that for sure stretches the limits of the original telling, but that’s not a bad thing.

So that’s where I stand! I’m hoping that at least ONE of my books on hold become available soon, but if not, I still have eight books from my own personal library I need to read, and one other that I need to check out that’s currently available at my local library branch.

I hope the first two months of 2017 have treated you guys well!

Happy Reading!



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