Somewhere in San Diego: May “Get Caught Reading” pick #5

 Danny wished he could have an ordinary, worry-free day just like those people, without the weight of someone’s life on his shoulders. Just a few days ago, he was living like anybody else in the country- running errands and minding his own business. As the taxi steadily flowed along with the other cars on the freeway, he knew that today was no ordinary day. And by the end of the day, things could get ugly.

Somewhere in San Diego by Dennis Macaraeg

somewhere in san diegoDanny Maglaya is back, along with his best friend Blake and they’re attempting to rescue Blake’s fiancée, who was kidnapped. The ransom price is their invention, RX-18, and the plan should have been simple. Upload the data to a secure computer, hand over the formula, retrieve the fiance. Of course, nothing goes according to plan and to make things more complicated, contract assassins seem hot on their trail the entire time. With their phone hacked and their every move watched, they realize the only way to outwit the men is to team up with Danny’s ex-flame, Valerie, and piece together the puzzle of secrets that only the three of them are privy to. The action continues as they are chased throughout San Diego County, trying to find Blake, rescue his fiancée, make matters right again. They have a strong system of working together, but the pain of their breakup threatens to tear the entire plan apart.

The second book featuring Marine Biologist Danny starts off with a bang! It’s literally action from the very first line. Dennis bring his incredible description skills back to the table with in this novel as well, this time describing San Diego county and its rich history in amazing detail.

I had a little trouble wrapping my head around the fact that there were assassins carrying AR-15s around such a crowded area, but honestly movies do it all the same and what is a book? Just a better version of a movie. 😉 My biggest issue was the lack of Helen, the love interest from the first. The first book ended well, with Helen and Danny getting married after their harrowing adventure but this book starts with Helen having died two years earlier, and Danny aching over a failed relationship with Valerie. I know and understand that not only is this possible, but it’s also common for people to move on. It’s just the “fairytale happily ever after” in me that hates it, ha.

I really wouldn’t recommend this book for anything lower than adult level reading. The action is exciting, but there is adult and mature themes running throughout that I personally wouldn’t let my middle school or even high schooler read.

If you enjoy adventure and/or read his first novel, Somewhere in the Shallow Sea, this book is right up your alley! Lots of adventure, intrigue, history, and even romance woven into this story. It was a good follow-up novel!

Happy Reading!




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