Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith

A dragon, as big as a minibus, its scrubbed hide a darkened magenta, was foraging for food in a large blue skip that sate just outside the school’s tall green steel spoke fence, the creature’s pointy snout rummaging through the various debris on offer.

As far as Ewan could see, the dragon wasn’t doing any harm, and if anything it was helping out by making the skip a little lighter in its load. He had puzzled a little, though, at the monster’s choice of foodstuffs, as the skip it was eating out of was sat on the street in front of a house being renovated, nothing more than bits of twisted metal and discarded wood and plastic inside. Despite this, the dragon seemed to be happily nibbling on the gleaming metal pieces in particular.

Ewan stared without blinking as the beast chomped away, blissfully un-bothered by the steady bustle of human traffic around it, all of whom clearly had no idea it was there. As Ewan finally chanced a blink of his eyes, he was further confused to see the dragon still in its place when his lids were reopened, initially expecting the whole thing to be nothing more than some twisted schoolyard dream.

Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith by Shaun Hume

Well, hey there! Yes I realize I have been very absent from my blog this month. And I wish I had a good answer I could give you for why. There is a good reason, but not one I’m willing to share right now other than life is crazy sometimes and you just have to keep your head above the water and not much else. But I have a great review to share with you!

Shaun Hume contacted Rachel (The Perspicacious Bookworm) and I about reviewing his novel, Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith. I wasn’t a hundred percent on board initially because if you could see my TBR list, you’d cry at the hopelessness of ever catching up. Fo’realzy folks. It’s out of control. Plus my husband has been asking me to read the first book of the Dresden Files for roughly 18 months now and I finally did (it’s pretty great too! Check it out!) and then I had all these books I checked out from the library and still had books left over from Christmas to read and to top ALL of that off, I finally got in Lord of Shadows, the newest book from Cassandra Clare. So you can probably see where my hesitation came in. But when I “investigated” Mr Hume’s book (i.e.-checked goodreads and amazon for reviews), the phrase “An antidote to Post-Potter Depression!” drew me, a huge Potterhead, in. I had to say yes. It was my duty to my imagination to say yes. All that to say, yes, I received a complimentary digital copy of Shaun Hume’s book in exchange for an honest review. That does not change my personal opinion of his book in any way.

ewan pendle and the white wraithEwan Pendle was used to being thrust from foster family to foster family. He chalked it up to being “weird.” After all, being able to see mythical creatures and monsters wandering around that no one else could (and rightfully shouldn’t exist outside the pages of a book) wasn’t exactly a textbook definition of normal. So Ewan found himself moving to live with his eleventh foster family, only to discover that not only is that not happening, but he is in fact a Lenitnes, one of an ancient race of people who can see the world for what it really is, full of mythical creatures that also inhabit our world. He is taken in by Enola, the stern and mysterious Grand Master of Firedrake Lyceum-a maze of a school in the middle of London that houses other children just like him. There they learn the about the creatures and how to keep everything in balance so that “lubbers” (normal people like us) never learn of their existence.

It’s here that Ewan learns more of his past, his parents, and his future. He also meets new friends and finds himself involved in a bigger and more dangerous adventure than he could have ever imagined.

Guys, I really enjoyed this book! I’d probably call it a pre-teen, early teen read, so not super hard and pretty clean. The author does a good job of drawing you in and getting you invested in the different characters so that you actually care and want to know how the story ends. I’d recommend this book! And I hope the second one gets made as well because I’m invested in the story-line. So go forth, find this book, and read it!


Now for the other part of this post-I have decided to go back to school in the fall, which is scary and amazing for me all at the same time and I’m having so many feeeelings about it. I fully intend to keep my blog, but my posts probably won’t be as regularly scheduled as they have been in the past, due to the whole not reading for fun as much thing. But I promise I adore all of you, my readers, and I still intend to finish out my 2017 reading challenge as well. So if more than two weeks goes by without a post from me, know that I am trying to soak in all the sun and fun I can before I become a student again. I am probably out and about hiking, camping, trail running, visiting family, swimming, etc…and you should too! (or at least take your book outside ha)


Happy Reading!




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