A check in…

Hey! Long time, no see! As stated in the previous post, I’ve spent the summer soaking up the last days of “unbusy” with my family before school started. We ran trails, we camped, we took a trip to see family in Tennessee (and walked more trails there), we celebrated the 4th of July, saw one of our favorite bands in concert, Social Distortion, we had slow weekends at home where we camped out in the living room and marathon-ed movies and TV shows. It was amazing. And I read. I read so much! Let’s talk about that.

(Here are just a few pictures of how I’ve been filling my days the past two months)


I spent most of my time reading the first four books of the Dresden Files, but I also read Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Anansi Boys, which were fantastic!

My monthly picks both came in at the same time while I was in Tennessee and I didn’t remember to grab them before their hold status elapsed and they returned to the circulation for the next person. So I am back in line waiting for both of those, joy. Ha. Lesson learned!

I am currently reading The Exercise of Vital Powers by new author Ian Gregoire, which was sneaky amazing. The title wasn’t something that would have made me pull it off the shelf, but when I read the synopsis, I was definitely intrigued. I’m about halfway through that and plan to post that review by the second week of September. I started my classes on Monday and they are already proving to be a doozy! Nevertheless, I am excited to be back in school. I also think I have a good schedule down and my hiatus of the summer has ended so you can plan to see fairly regular posts again! I’ve missed my little blog and my readers!

I hope you have filled your summer days with exactly what you wanted and at least a little reading!



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