If you like iZombie, you should try Shallow Graves: Halloween Blog post for “This and that” October and shared sister Review

“I was holding his wrists, but it wasn’t his flesh and bone I was feeling. It was the sick slippery guilt inside the meat shell.”

Shallow Graves by Kali Wallace

Breezy remembers leaving the party after a disagreement with her best friend, feeling the warm summer grass beneath her feet and the cool air brushing her cheek, reddened by a slap. When she wakes up, however, it’s been 12 months and she’s just been unburied, still pulling dirt and residue from her mouth. At her feet lays the man responsible for unburying her, dead from her mere touch. She doesn’t know exactly how she killed him, nor does she know why she doesn’t have a reliable heartbeat or who killed her. She just knows that she’s alive. And dead. She also knows that she is able to sense who around her has killed before…and whether or not they liked it. As she struggles to remember exactly what happened to her, she discovers the world isn’t at all what she thought: mythical creature exist, monsters hide in the daylight as well as at night, and there is a murderous cult hunting for her and other creatures like her.

Happy Halloween!! Sorry this post is a little later in the day than normal, we had a case of the stomach bug run through our Bean yesterday, so I was a little preoccupied and completely spaced writing my post. Fortunately he seems 99% better (except for exhaustion) so I *think* Halloween festivities are still on.

You’ll have to allow a little leeway with this comparison. First, iZombie is a TV show not a movie. Secondly, it originated as a graphic novel so it is already sort of a book, and third, Breezy is actually a Revenant in the book, not a zombie. However, there are a lot of similarities. Bright girls who know what what they want to do with their lives, big dreams, (Liv wanted to be a surgeon, Breezy wanted to work for NASA), and a justified sense of melancholy at the turn their (undead) lives have taken. Both the show and the book have a good sense of humor and they’re both pretty witty and smart. I’m really hoping that Kali Wallace makes a sequel to Shallow Graves because she just barely peeled back a view on her universe she created and it’s really intrigued me!

I’d recommend both the show and the book for high school and up, though mature 8th graders could probably handle the book. There’s enough sexuality in the show, though, that I personally wouldn’t let my kids watch it until they’re 15 or so. But, of course, by then it’s not going to be “cool” to like what Mom likes (I’m forever hoping I’m wrong about this).

So my tentative plans for November are to review a book challenge book I read over the summer (Saints and Misfits) and then do a post with some mini reviews of other books I’ve read this year, a segment on what my kids are reading, and a “what my Netflix queue looks like right now” bit that I may do more in the future.

Now, I need to go and cram some Ancient World History and Environmental Science homework into my brain so that I can take my little Belle and Spider-Man out trick or treating!

Have a great holiday, stay warm and safe, (make good choices), and Happy Reading!



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