What My Kids are reading, what I’ve been reading, and what My netflix queue looks like

Guys. November hit me like a ton of bricks. Since we have the week of Thanksgiving off, all of my professors have decided to double down on the amount of work they give us to make up for it, the weather can’t make up its mind whether to be warm or cold so my allergies have kept me in a constant state of misery, and my sweet little Squish is going to be one next week. NEXT WEEK. Luckily, I’m resilient and I’ve gotten all my schoolwork done until the first week of December, my allergy meds are keeping me on my feet, and I’m starting to get a regular reading rhythm again. So let’s talk about that.

resized Squish photo

Happy Birthday, little Squish!

I’m not going to overload you with Squish pictures like I did with Bean because we haven’t had her birthday yet to share pictures and I’m already getting all teary eyed over my baby growing up. She’s walking and babbling and way too big! There’s no way she can already be a year old! I digress…

Since it’s Squish’s month, we will start with what she’s been “reading” (aka-being read):

She has really been into “participation” books lately: touch and feel, lift the flap, etc.

Peek Into Space -it’s a pretty cool book that lets you glimpse inside a spaceship, dress an astronaut, explore the planets. She loves all the peek-a-boo windows and flaps that she can lift.

A is For Animal -This is a touch and feel book that finds its way into our car for dinners at restaurants, doctor’s appointments, and trips that are longer than normal. She loves it!

Llama Llama’s Little Library -These are the baby board book versions of the always popular Llama Llama books. Squish loves the rhyming and repetitive words!

Bean has been all over the place with his choices lately, but it’s great!

I’m Not Santa! -This one really tickles him because it’s about a baby Owl who gets mistaken for Santa because of his red stocking cap. It’s super silly and a really quick read. It went back to the library today and he was a little distraught.

Can I Join Your Club? -This is an Usborne book I’ve had my eye on for a while because Bean is getting to the age where kids are starting to section off into “clubs” and “friend groups.” He has such a big heart for everyone that it’s hard for him to understand that this is part of life and that yes, it sucks, but that he doesn’t have to be exclusive like that. This book helps with that.

Paint Me a Picture -He loves this one because he’s gotten very artsy over the past few months and loves all the colors and describing words associated with them. It’s another Usborne book purchase. I love our collection of Usborne!

I Wanna Be A Great Big Dinosaur! – This book is really cute! It’s about a little boy who consults a dinosaur on the proper way to “dino” and a dinosaur who learns it might be cooler to be a little boy! It’s a good subtle way to teach kids that you can be whatever you’d like.

I’m afraid my list is a little dismal…I’m six books behind on my goodreads challenge as well!

The Runaways – Rainbow Rowell

This comic coming out was like a dream come true. I’ve recently fallen back into my comic book devouring (I’ve been out of the loop since High School) and Rainbow Rowell is one of my favorites so it just seemed like kismet that she would put out a Marvel comic! Not to be too nerdy, but I do enjoy Marvel leaps and bounds above DC. DC has its good qualities, but there’s just way too much angst happening over there. Marvel knows how to weave the comic relief in. If you remember, last year I sang the praises of Ms Marvel. Now it’s the Runaways time. I’m actually buying the issues as they come out but not reading them because Rowell starts off pretty much right in the middle of a plot line, so I really need to go back and read from the beginning. I got the first issue at Free Comic Book Day last month and I happen to know that I’m getting the complete collection for Christmas because my husband gets too giddy about presents and spills the beans almost every time.

The Wrath and The Dawn duology – Renee Ahdieh

These books were really good! I’ve had them on my to read list for quite a while and managed to finally snag them at the library. I actually think I’m going to buy them for a family member for Christmas. Luckily, enough of my family members read for enjoyment and read this blog that they can try to guess for themselves who I’m referring to, ha. I also appreciate that the second book ended neatly and tied up most loose ends. I plan on checking out more of her work once I get free time. So either winter break or summer break!

Vanishing Girls -Lauren Oliver

I hate to say this, but I was a little disappointed by this one. It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t live up to my expectations considering how long it took to come in at the library and how much I’ve loved her other stuff. I guessed the twist about a third of the way in and after that I couldn’t really get into it. I wouldn’t say not to read it but lower your expectations of it.

I’m currently reading Girls Made of Snow and Glass with The Couple Next Door  up to bat. There’s a rare sports metaphor for you.

As far as my netflix queue, I’ve been on a read “True Crime” bender lately:

Alias Grace, Manhunt: Unabomber, Mindhunter, and Killer Kids have all dominated my feed. But there is “Classic Angie” in there as well: Call The Midwife, Stranger Things, Schitt’s Creek, Anne with an ‘E’, and The Great British Baking Show. We have a 50/50 choosing rule in our household so my husband gets to choose every other show or movie. This puts Brickleberry, Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, and Lock Up in my feed as well. He’s in his final semester of his degree (we both put school off to work when we were younger and newly married which was a dumb idea) and he prefers something light and super dumb to decompress.

I’ve also finally watched We Need to Talk about Kevin and it was really good!

Also Happy Thanksgiving to all my american readers! I’m looking forward to stuffing my face full of food (my sister in law makes the best sweet potato casserole in the world) and enjoying an extra long weekend with my family. Hope the rest of you have a great day as well and for my international readers, I hope you guys also have a great week!

Happy Reading!



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