January Wintery Cold Line Up

Hello all! I did it again. I disappeared off the radar. With my kids’ birthdays, finals, and Christmas I slipped under the obligations of the real world. I apologize and plan to make it up to you guys with a full four-week blog schedule this upcoming month! January is my birth month and usually bitterly cold here in the Midwest so I tend to hibernate as much as possible both because I can claim “birthday month” rights and because I hate the cold. But I digress. Let’s get caught up.

I honestly haven’t read too much the past month. Partly because of my busy schedule and partly because I took on an insane and almost impossible task to stitch an elaborate cross stitch pattern for our Wild + Free group’s mom’s Christmas Party (Wild + Free is my kids’ nature group we attend). The gift theme for the party was made, baked, sewn, or grown. I could have easily baked or sewn something and saved myself the hours I put into cross stitching but I was stubborn and once I decided the pattern I wanted to do, I was determined to finish it. It took three weeks with the last week being late, late nights spent desperately trying to finish. I did complete it in time, at 6 pm the night of the party, which started at 7. So yeah, cut it super close to the wire there. This left almost no time to read for fun. However, since completing it, I’ve gotten caught up. As far as my goodreads challenge goes, I’ve finished 74 of the 75 books. So I didn’t quite make it, but I got really close. And my own personal reading challenge – I read 10 out of the 12 books. One of them I couldn’t find anywhere without purchasing it, and the other one still hasn’t made it to me from the library. I’m still pretty proud of what I did accomplish, especially with going back to school this year. I’m going to hold off on deciding my 2018 reading challenge until later in January.

My January line up is winter themed and looks as follows:


Girls Made of Snow and Glass



These are all books I’ve read before and enjoyed it and all featured a strongly frosty theme!

As for what I have been reading…my husband got me all four complete collections of the Runaway comic series and I’ve been enveloped in those for the past week. Since they’re comics, they’re an easy read and I anticipate I will be able to move on to other books I’ve picked up recently, like the Midnight Circus and The Husband’s Secret. I also have a new author review lined up for you guys at the beginning of February.

I hope everyone’s holiday went well and that your new year’s will as well! Here’s a (late) Christmas greeting from mine to yours!

2017 family card

Happy Reading!



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