“So many stories yet to be told, so many secrets to be unearthed. It would happen soon; Clara would make sure of it, and if Nicholas tried to evade her, well, she still had her daggers.”

Winterspell by Claire LeGrand

winterspellClara Stole, the mayor’s always proper daughter has a secret. Ever since her mother’s murder, she has been training secretly in self-defense with the mysterious Drosselmeyer.

Then, on Christmas Eve, disaster strikes.

Her home is demolished and her father is taken by figures that are definitely not human. Now Clara is on a quest to find him that leads to her the war stricken land of Cane with her only companion, Nicholas, a dethroned prince who is curse bound. In order to survive, Clara must trust him despite his many secrets and the haunted look in his eyes.

The more Clara searches, the more she realizes that she won’t leave Cane without scars…if she manages to leave at all.

This story was based on The Nutcracker and I LOVE IT. In related news, The Nutcracker is far and beyond my favorite ballet. So anything that promises a spin-off of that favorite tale is right up my alley. And this one definitely delivered. It’s full of adventure and pretty great world building. There’s also a mini prologue and mini epilogue…both of which aren’t nearly enough for me. I stalk Claire Legrand’s website, constantly hoping for a more substantial sequel. Nothing so far… *sigh*

I’d recommend this for high school age and up, mostly because of the dark themes running throughout and some scenes of a mature nature.

In other news…my birthday is next Tuesday! It will be my last year in my 20s and I plan to make it epic…and by that I mean I plan to stay true to myself, value my own worth, and make sure that I don’t accept less than I deserve in relationships. I also have a pretty sweet birthday wish list haha!

I have a healthy mix of comics to books to board games (really only one board game because we got so many off of our list for Christmas). I have already started reading and collecting the volumes of Spider Gwen but there are a couple I haven’t gotten yet. I plan on starting Gwenpool next. In looking for other comic series I might be interested in as well as Neil Gaimain, I came across Marvel 1602! Gaiman and Marvel? Ummm yes! I also added another Gaiman book I haven’t acquired yet to my list. Scythe is by one of the authors I really like, as is The Becoming of Noah Shaw. I feel like I have given my family a really good list to choose from! Let’s see if they agree, ha. My aversion to knick knacks or superfluous household decorations I haven’t specifically grabbed myself sometimes stumps them. To add to that, I hate surprises with a fury to rival the greek gods and so most of them have given up on ever trying to pleasantly surprise me. Only my inner circle really ever attempts it (Rachel and Mum and my husband) and has very much success.

I hope everyone is staying warm!

Happy Reading!



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