Books that have been on my TBR the Longest and I Still Haven’t Read

My sister, The Perspicacious Bookworm, showed me how fun Top Ten Tuesdays could be. Like her, I can’t promise that I will do every Tuesday, but I will certainly try! For more information and to check out more lists, check out That Artsy Reader Girl!

This week is Top Ten Books that have been on my TBR the longest and I still haven’t read. This one is usually a kiss of death. It most likely means that added them, and then my interests changed, or my taste in books, or whatnot. And some are simply because I forget I haven’t read them yet. Let’s check them out.

Endlessly by Kierstan White: This has faced the kiss of death, I’m afraid. It’s been far too long since I read the original two, and my interests have changed enough that they’re not something I’m all that interested in anymore. I do have other Kierstan White books on my TBR, further down, that I still want to read though.

Ever by Gail Carson Levine: This one falls on my “Slipped Through the Cracks” list. I’ve wanted to read this for years because Levine is one of my Top Ten authors, but it’s a mixture of it being hard to track the novel down and I keep forgetting to look harder for it, ha. But this has reminded to look again!

Animal Farm by George Orwell: I seriously don’t know how I haven’t read this yet. This is the second time this book has made it onto a list on my blog (the first being my 2016 reading challenge) and I still have yet to pick it up! I even have it downloaded to my e-reader. Maybe after I finish my current read?

Hereafter by Tara Hudson: I had totally forgotten about this! I should check it out from the library. It still sounds intriguing.

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows: This book plays with the ideas of souls and reincarnation. It all seemed very Hindu, which has always been a passing interest of mine (world religions, that is). I should see if the library has this one as well.

Other by Karen Kincy: Yeah, this one is a lost cause. When I looked up the summary of this again, I scoffed to myself because I’m pretty far removed from that area of interest in my life now. The concept is still an interesting enough one for someone who loves werewolves and that whole genre, though!

Half-Blood by  Jennifer L. Armentrout: Another one I had forgotten about! About demi-gods and daimans? Sold. I need to see if the library has this.

The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa: Despite its bad romance style appearance on the front cover, this Iron Fey series is pretty good! It’s about the Seelie and Unseelie courts being destroyed by a new type of fey, the Iron Fey. It plays on the idea that Fey are created by whatever is most abundant at the time of their creation and that their popularity is bound to being remembered in the human world. The Iron Fey are the fey of the technology, and pretty untouchable by regular fey because, well, you know…Iron. Another I need to add to my hold list at the library.

The Wicked and The Just by J. Anderson Coats: This book plays into my love of all things Scotland, Ireland, and Great Britain. I need to see if I can even find this one!

Intertwined by Gena Showalter: I’ve had several friends read this and say it’s right up my alley but I’ve never actually managed to pull the trigger on it. Maybe now?

Going though my top ten TBRs has made me realize how dreadfully behind I am on my TBR list! Also, I placed four or five new holds at the library while writing this so now I have to discover time to read all of these new books, ha!

Anyone have TBR lists that are out of control? I’d love to hear about them! Tomorrow I will have a book review of Assassin Marked for you. Be sure to check it out!

Happy Reading!



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