Assassin Marked

When the emergency lights came on, the guards found his shell with a gaping cut in its chest. His lifeless body drooped in his chair like a puppet with its strings cut. As for the assassin, they couldn’t find him. I smiled as he slipped down the dark hall into the kitchen and down the garbage chute. The curtains closed, but the tragedy continued.

Assassin Marked by Michael C. Sahd

assassin markedFull disclosure: I received a copy of this story in exchange for my honest review. This has in no way affected my opinion.

Damian DuFonte is an assassin working for the Crime Syndicate, but he is obsessed with revenge. So he pursues vengeance against one his bosses who betrayed him, despite his love, Victoria’s, desperate pleas to let it go. She knows if he goes through with it, her next target will be Damian himself. She is tasked with hunting him down, and he is hell bent on settling the score. Only one can win, right?

I really enjoyed this short story! It was 23 pages long on my tablet, but goodreads does have it listed at 27. Either way, a good book that you could easily finish in an hour or so, if not quicker. Sahd does a good job with providing enough background to propel the story and explain the plot, but leaves enough to the imagination to pull you in. The story ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I think it’s entirely possible there is more on the way, and there was enough world building to make me curious. The only thing I had issue with was the dialogue. It felt forced at times and there seemed to be too much yelling between Victoria and Damian, but that may have been the high stress scenario they found themselves in. Victoria was awesome. Her description made her both attractive and killer and that’s kind of a fun combination. She’s also the head of a group of male dominated hunters, so it was fun to see a power role like that presented.

It’s definitely an older teen, adult novel with language not suitable for younger teens or middle school, but I recommend it! It was packed with action, which make it read really quickly.

Happy Reading!



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