Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

I’m notorious for returning to books like a toddler and her “blankie.” Anytime I’m overly stressed, emotional, or exhausted I will find myself at my bookshelf and pull off a beloved well read hardback or paperback and settle in for mindless comfort reading. Lucky for my family, sometimes I will do a purging of the books that I’ve no longer felt myself reaching for. This week is the top ten books that I’m no longer interested in reading (and that surprised me):

The Outlander Series- I’ve read five of these and only enjoyed the first 3. The 4th was “eh” and the 5th was so painful I’ve given up on this series indefinitely. This actually makes me sad because I really really loved these when I first started, but the spark that made these great got lost somewhere along the way.

Beautiful Creature series- there’s actually nothing wrong with this series. I’ve even met the author and adored her and I own four of the books and read three of them. Unfortunately, I got pregnant in the middle of the series, which cut back on my reading and now I’m so far separated from them that I would have to reread the whole series just to figure out what was happening. However, I *may* come back to them. I’m just not interested in doing it right now.

Blue Bloods series-This happened during my obsession with vampire YA faze. Nothing wrong loving vampire romance lit, but it’s just not my jam anymore.

Fallen series- Another pretty good series but it just feels like I’ve moved on in my interests. This happened to be my mother in law’s favorite series though, so I re-homed my series to her and this story has a happy ending.

Any John Green book going forward-I know this is technically an author, but authors write books, right? Anyway. No hate to John Green. I’ve read 99% of his books and loved them. But I’ve noticed that his books have started taking a “Nicholas Sparks” turn: every book feels familiar and while that doesn’t make his books bad, I just want to branch out from that a bit. Sorry John Green. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Need series-I actually don’t even know how many books are in this series anymore. I read and really enjoyed the first one, possibly read the second, and definitely haven’t read past that. As much as I like reading about Fae, I’ve plateaued a little with the genre right now. If it isn’t Holly Black or Julie Kagawa, there’s a slim chance of getting me to pick it up right now.

Paranormalcy- I actually covered this series a couple of weeks ago in my TBR list. It’s just a series I liked but didn’t love and grew out of.

The Luxe series- I read this series in its entirety and fell in love with the forbidden romance of it all. This was back when my husband and I worked opposite shifts (and I do mean opposite. We actually only saw each other for more than a couple of hours at a time maybe once a week) and I was lonely and easily wooed by a good or even mediocre love story.

The Pledge Series-I wasn’t even necessarily in love with this series to begin with but looking at it again makes me realize I will never finish it. Ever.

Wicked Lovely series-This one, like Outlander, comes with a caveat. I read most of this series. The first four? I followed the main storyline to its completion and was satisfied. Then the character’s individual storyline continued and I tried, but failed, at being interested in the side characters so this one is also a lost cause.

If you enjoyed this list, you should check out the host of Top Ten Tuesdays, That Artsy Reader.

Honestly, this probably isn’t my best list because I have a hard time being witty about books that I’m not interested in anymore. Also I did about 5 to 6 hours of homework yesterday, took care of my kids, made dinner, had a math team skype meeting, and then spent 75 minutes killing myself at the gym so my energy and enthusiasm level is at an all time low. My arms are spaghetti. I’m not sure if I can lift my daughter and she weighs less than 20 pounds. Next week will be a much better post because I get to basically talk about my top ten favorite books and I have a real passion for those. So definitely check back then!

Anyone else have books (or genres) that they’ve shelved until further notice? Let me know in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

  1. Courtney says:

    The Divergent Series! You probably know how I feel about that series from The Horrible Movie Podcast I did last year but the books weren’t that great and the movies adaptation were disappointing.

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