Houston, I’m seeing double…triple?: Frequently Used Words In YA Titles

Genres are what they are for a reason: they appeal to certain demographics and sell books. Young Adult, New Adult (I know this isn’t an official genre yet but dang it, it needs to be), Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance…the list could go on and on.

A lot of the genres fall victim to deja vu titles…where you scratch your head and wonder if you’ve read that book before or not.  Continue reading


Ready Player One: Book vs Movie Review

“If I was feeling depressed or frustrated about my lot in life, all I had to do was tap the Player One button, and my worries would instantly slip away as my mind focused itself on the relentless pixelated onslaught on the screen in front of me. There, inside the game’s two-dimensional universe, life was simple: It’s just you against the machine. Move with your left hand, shoot with your right, and try to stay alive as long as possible.”
― Ernest ClineReady Player One

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