The ebb and flow of life

This past year has been a really hard one for me and my family. Along with personal family stuff happening, I also went to school for the first time, my husband’s shift changed so we see him a lot less than we used to, and now there’s two very active children residing under our roof instead of a toddler and a baby. Because of this, I’ve found it hard to meet my self imposed deadlines or keep up with a few things, including this blog.

I love this blog, really I do. But lately I’ve been finding my eyes straying more towards everything else that is happening in my life and unfortunately, something has to give. So I’m taking a step back for a few months to see how and where my priorities lie.  I have my domain name paid for until next May, so that’s my internal deadline for this internet baby of mine. My hope is that we are able to find a much better school/work/life balance than we’ve maintained this past year, but it’s unlikely to happen soon, and definitely not once the fall semester starts because my course load has doubled from last semester. I’ll leave this page up and possibly update it every now and then, but for now…this is “See you later.”

I’ll miss you guys but I want to do what’s best for my family and myself.

Happy Reading!



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