Dunmore Caves, Ireland 2016

I’m a reading and writing travel bug currently going to school to be a High School English teacher with plans to spread the love of literature and reading to the masses. Be warned, parents. I’m here to teach your kids to think and to read. I have two perpetually muddy wildlings of my own, Bean and Squish, and we all live in a small and cozy home with my husband and our reclusive but loving feline, Olive.

My current life quests are to get up the nerve to actually submit anything I write to be published, see the world, and find all 15 issues of the Mars manga I am addicted to. I currently have issues 2 and 12. The struggle is real. I am a fan of all types of book genres but my comfort genre is definitely fantasy, though I have recently fallen in love with nonfiction as well.

I tend to write the way my brain works, in bursts and spurts. I like books, food, Disney, running and I like me. I hope you like me too.

If you enjoy my work and would like to see what else my family is capable of, go see my sister’s blog at The Perspicacious Bookworm!

If you don’t enjoy my work and crave something a little more mature and academically minded, go see my sister’s blog at The Perspicacious Bookworm!

(10 points if you see what I did there)