Houston, I’m seeing double…triple?: Frequently Used Words In YA Titles

Genres are what they are for a reason: they appeal to certain demographics and sell books. Young Adult, New Adult (I know this isn’t an official genre yet but dang it, it needs to be), Adult, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance…the list could go on and on.

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Ready Player One: Book vs Movie Review

“If I was feeling depressed or frustrated about my lot in life, all I had to do was tap the Player One button, and my worries would instantly slip away as my mind focused itself on the relentless pixelated onslaught on the screen in front of me. There, inside the game’s two-dimensional universe, life was simple: It’s just you against the machine. Move with your left hand, shoot with your right, and try to stay alive as long as possible.”
― Ernest ClineReady Player One

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Books that surprised me (either pleasantly or otherwise)

Hey guys! Sorry I missed last week’s top ten. It was finals week for my A Block classes so I did nothing but study (and pick up my new flooring). I did go see Wrinkle in Time and it was great! I know I said I’d have that review this past weekend, but I was installing above stated flooring into the bedrooms of our house and completely lost track of time. I’m working on it now and it should be up either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I’ve branched out of my normal genre a lot lately and with that comes surprises. Good ones and bad ones but that’s part of reader growth, right? Let’s talk about them.

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My “blankie” books AKA Books I could reread forever

Last Tuesday I briefly mentioned that I have books that I return to again and again like a child who has a favorite blankie or stuffed animal growing up. For me, I have books that I will also return to and never tire of. I covered most of these in one of my very first posts here.

For someone who loves to explore new places and read new books, I’m a creature of habit when I’m overwhelmed or mentally exhausted. I retreat into myself and into the books that grew me as a reader.

This Top Ten Tuesday covers those much beloved books, the superstars of my bookcase.

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Books I’ve Decided I’m No Longer Interested In Reading

I’m notorious for returning to books like a toddler and her “blankie.” Anytime I’m overly stressed, emotional, or exhausted I will find myself at my bookshelf and pull off a beloved well read hardback or paperback and settle in for mindless comfort reading. Lucky for my family, sometimes I will do a purging of the books that I’ve no longer felt myself reaching for. This week is the top ten books that I’m no longer interested in reading (and that surprised me):

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10 Books that are my go to for my romance fix

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! It’s not actually that big of a deal in our house, but Husband and I are going out tonight to celebrate with dinner and a movie by ourselves, and we got a sweet treat and little gift for Bean and Squish.

I do think this Top Ten Tuesday should come with a disclaimer: Please don’t judge me based off of my Go To Romance Picks! Some of them are really good and some of them I turn to purely because I love the relationship written about between the main pairing of the book. So let’s jump down the romance rabbit hole.

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Assassin Marked

When the emergency lights came on, the guards found his shell with a gaping cut in its chest. His lifeless body drooped in his chair like a puppet with its strings cut. As for the assassin, they couldn’t find him. I smiled as he slipped down the dark hall into the kitchen and down the garbage chute. The curtains closed, but the tragedy continued.

Assassin Marked by Michael C. Sahd

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