Review Policy

**Currently not accepting reviews** Thank you for understanding!

If you are interested in having The Perspicacious Bookworm as well as myself read your book, please make sure to let me know along with your submission. I will pass along the request, but Rachel does reserve the right to decline any books. Her decision to do so will have no weight on my personal opinion. For example, I may decline a book that she accepts or vice versa. But we will discuss us both reading it as a unit and doing reviews based off of our individual personalities that will be published on our blogs around the same time.

I will not accept all books upon request, but I will carefully and mindfully consider your request and will get back to you within two weeks. Once a book is accepted and received, a review will be posted on my blog within six weeks. I will also on occasion close my reviews until I can get caught up if I feel that there is any lag in turnaround time. I am not formal enough to rate off of a numbered system, like my sister does (and I understand why that’s simpler to understand) but I will list a synopsis,  my favorite part or line of the book, the pros and cons, and the audience I would recommend the book to. I feel that every book has some redeeming quality and that it all depends on the person who’s reading it.

To request a review of your book or for additional questions, please contact me at or through my Contact page.